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"before sunset." and then we have a cooling trend in store for us. i'll tell you more about that with our next forecast. kira. >> francis, thank you. bart's two largest unions and management return to the negotiating table today in a last minute bid to avoid a strike tomorrow morning. the two sides negotiated all day yesterday. key issues included wages, pension, worker safety and healthcare costs. both sides say they are working to avoid a strike. >>> we are not at impasse. our team is prepared to negotiate and get a contract. we are not at impasse. >> we will go as long as as we need to go if we need to if it looks like we can get something done and get an agreement. >> both sides plan to return to the bargaining table in just a few hours. bart's current contract expires at midnight tonight. >>> san francisco mayor ed lee had strong words yesterday for both sides in the negotiations. work out a deal or else. >> if they can't get it together, i think a privilege to negotiate an agreement between the two, then i think that privilege might have to be removed. and if it is, it's a sorry sta
we are ready for a "friday of anger" to demonstrate. >> it is friday. thanks for joining us. >> sig-alert affecting the drive. >> everyone was hoping for friday lite but we are not getting that. folks are seeing a last emergency vehicles are on scene and what happened northbound along 680 is a semi truck carrying 66,000 pounds of mail that is blocking all lanes. those who are stuck cannot get off or turn around and c.h.p. is out this and they say it will take possibly until 7:30 to re-open the lanes. the sig-alert is in effect until at least that time and possibly longer causing heavy lanes. the best alternate is mission boulevard from 680 or fremont connecting you to highway 4 and getting you back to 680. the drive is ruined. zero miles per hour. fog may have been a factor. mike nicco will tell us about that. >> at the of us are dealing with fog and there could be mist in the sunol grade so it could be a little wet. we are showing the hills are cloudy and foggy. novato is one mile. three quarters in santa rosa and half moon bay. that is the thickest nog. oakland is down to seven. s
of the holiday weekend is with us, it will be this afternoon. a few high clouds and around the by low to mid-70s. about 76 in oakland with some sun along the coast. mid-and upper 60s. so really kind of a mild day along the shoreline. inland we have a few 90s returning for the livermore valley, the delta. upper 80s around the san ramon valley with plenty of sunshine. we will introduce more clouds. a slight chance of showers over the holiday weekend. katie. >> lisa, thank you. >> breaking news out of oakland where a person was killed in a shooting at a club early this morning. it happened just before 1:30 at club anton on third street in jack london square. authorities say they found a man with at least one gunshot wound dead at the scene. no arrests made and no word on motive or suspects. the shooting is under investigation. >>> happening today, demonstrators will gather in san francisco at powell and market streets to protest the government's possible plans to deal with the crisis in syria. abc news is reporting the u.s. military could take action in syria as soon as this weekend. the president
>> good morning, everything. so glad you could be with us this morning. let's tart with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, katie. it is cloudy done town and in oakland were but san jose is clear with 54 dreams later on today going for a high in the upper 70s underneath sunny conditions. should be a beautiful day in the south bay. elsewhere upper 60s to low 70s for oakland. more sunshine for you. ballgame this afternoon. and at our coast the clouds have been hanging tough, keeping the shoreline cool from the upper 50s to the low 60s for the most part. but you head out toward stinson beach and you should see high necessary the mid-650s. inland the warmest numbers not only today, but for the weekend and much of the week ahead. so it looks like with the warmer day coming in today, we are talking about an even stronger cooling trend headed our way as these numbers come down in the days ahead. but as for today, that's your warm spot inland. we will pinpoint the numbers and talk about the cool down, show it to you with our se
, thanks for starting your day with us. >> mike nicco has the summer-like temperatures. >> we have clouds here showing more clouds along the coast than yesterday and that will have an effect on your weather but for the bay we are seeing clouds rolling right now and they will be around through 8:00 and they will dissipate and we will be sunny by noon and 70 and a warm 80 by 4:00 and the clouds the return during the evening hours and temperatures drop to a comfortable level in the upper 60's. we have a few clouds in the north bay and 58, the low valley along the coast seeing the cloud cover and sunny and 78 at noon and hot at 90 at 4:00 and not so warm by 7:00 and 80 degrees. the coast is starting off with clouds in the mid-50's and sunshine compared to this morning but not so much as yesterday with temperatures has been out in the low-to-mid 60's in the afternoon. now the traffic. >> i have an update on the accident in the altamont pass and it is now canceled, the sig-alert, along westbound direction you will sit in a ton of traffic still, westbound 580 this is where we had an early sig-al
, everyone, thanks for joining us at 6:00 a.m. on thursday. >> we start with a look at the yerba buena island camera, and you can see no traffic moving on the old span. on the left side the bright shiny side is the new eastern span with no track but hopefully there will be this five days. we have coverage of the closure beginning with leyla gulen in the traffic center. leyla gulen? >>guest: it looks like traffic is building as are the accidents. we will take you over the altamont pass where we have a motorcycle crash that has blocked one lane and this is at grant line road and we are looking at slow conditions from tracy and toward livermore. it is slow until dublin/pleasanton and opens up and become up at 238 so the traffic toward the san mateo bridge is getting busy and speaking of which we have this brand new accident blocking one lane at the tolls at the spay yes bridge and you have bumper-to-bumper traffic easing up slightly but we have slower commute. outside, i will show you the maze and as you can see the traffic is building as you make it out of berkeley to 580 making a push toward t
, everyone, thanks for joining us. it is starting warm and humid. >> fog is being created causing a visibility problem on 101 and san rafael, at least there it looks fine. 1.25 visibility at half moon bay. so off to a misty morning because of the low clouds. we are being kept in the mid-60's through 7:00, and a run at 80 at 4:00 and our warm of the bay area spot and 8 with clouds increasing at we head through the evening hours. next 12 hours inland, fog in the north and 61 and 80 at noon and 90 at four and 80 at 7:00 and at the coast we will be sunny and low-to-mid 60's. >> we have a brand new accident along highway 4. we did have a report of an accident blocking the center divider and a few lanes and we have a traffic jam before you get to summersville road. this app comes in handy and you can download the app at apple app and google play. at walnut creek 680 southbound, the tail lights are making it to the junction with highway 24 and traffic is running smoothly. >> this is the day we expect to find out when the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open. the original labor da
. >> if you think there is something there, bring it forward, let us work with your child and get the services they need. >> dylan greiner is being held on a half million dollars bond. police expect to file further charges once more victims are identified. in santa cruz, abc7 news. >>> police in union city have released this sketch of a suspect wand for indecent exposure and child molestation. he's caucasian, 50s. 6 feet, 200 pounds and either bald or with very short hair. he's been spotted wearing a tan fisherman's child hat with chinstrap and eyeglasses. >>> a woman is dead and two others injured, including a child. dispatchers received calls about a shooting on 73rd avenue at 9:40 last night. officers found a man and woman inside the car with gunshot wounds. the woman was dead, the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. a four-year-old boy was hit by shattered glass in the shooting but he has only minor injuries. police have not released any suspect information. >>> also this morning in oakland, police are looking for a gunman who shot four people over a stolen purse. abc
of this moisture perhaps visiting us up in the north bay by tomorrow. second half of the weekend may be even a little cooler, a little more interesting. we will talk about that in a few minutes. katie. >> lisa, thank you. >> breaking news in marin city, authorities are investigating a deadly stabbing. it happened last night. a 44-year-old woman inside the home was stabbed to death. investigators say the suspect then board add golden gate transit bus. park police were able to track down the suspect in san francisco's marina district, and at some point a park police officer opened fire on the suspect on fillmore street. he was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition this morning. detectives believe the suspect did know the stabbing victim. this incident remains under investigation. >>> we have developing news. a wildfire near yosemite has swelled to more than 125,000 acres. here's the latest map showing just how large the rim fire has grown. abc7 news reporter john alston has more on the fight to bring the fire under control. >> flames continue to own the hillside. the night skies make
francisco superior court judge tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.. in oakland, abc7 news. >>> join us at an earlier time monday morning for details on your back to court commute. our reporters and traffic reporter will be on a half-hour earlier, so that means we are on at 4:00 a.m. monday on the san francisco news. we have resources for you on abc7news.com in case of a bart strike. you can down loud load our traffic appear waze! for free. >> police in san francisco this morning are investigating after three people were stabbed last night near the intersection of 22nd and fullsom in the city's mission district. one victim sustained life-threatening injuries. the other two were not seriously wounded. they got a call about a group of people fighting outside of a liquor store. officers arrested one suspect. people say the stabbing is not gang related. >> in developing news, the major development in the search of a missing oakland mother. investigators discovered a body in the same area they were searching for sandra coke. we have the latest. >> search crews discovered a female body in uni
. >>> and good morning. welcome to 6:00. i'm alma in for kristen. >> you might notice behind us the bay bridge, lights are off on this western portion. we in the newsroom are trying to find out exactly why that is. at the moment, it doesn't seem to be affecting traffic very much. >> for now let's get a check on our weather with mike. >> thank you very much. good morning. let me get you updated on what's going on fire weatherwise. the northern mountains of our state and here some of the higher elevations arnold us. who's not in it? the santa clara valley. today until 11:00 this morning, santa cruz mountains, east bay hills, east bay valley, diablo range under the high fire threat. and then the north bay, you can see the mountains and the valley. that's where we'll have the high fire danger through at least 5:00 tomorrow afternoon as this storm system slowly shifts north the next 12 to 24 hours. here we are in the north. mendocino county, that's where the best radar returns are right now. a lot of the lightning strikes were offshore. nearly 15,000 between 10:00 and 2:00. right now everything's k
>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 25th. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. it's a cloudy and milder start in downtown san francisco. also in the north bay. pretty much everywhere. just a few 50s and upper 50s from santa rosa to novato. low to mid-60s from concord to livermore this morning. picking up drizzle in the east bay. there is a system offshore and that will allow for cloud cover this morning and the possibility of a little bit of wet weather perhaps on yourndshieldhi re headed out, specifically in the north bay. i think further south from the peninsula and the south bay you will be looking at cloud cover, mild temperatures, and we will see the clouds scatter on out. being left with more sunshine. but with that system we will look for the temperatures just a few degrees cooler today. i'll have the numbers for you and a look at this last week in august in a few minutes. carolyn. >> thank you, he is, >> we continue to follow the wildfire burn
. i've gotten used to it now. the nice gorgeous meadow, beautiful trees, hillside and then -- >> the hall was built along a fault line and deemed the most seismically unsafe building in the cal state system. it's been abandoned for two years. he will have friends over to watch it tom down. >> we will set up the lawn chairs and video cameras. >> quite a few people have been buzzing around the neighborhood look fork the best vantage point. on campus they snapped their last pictures before the sunset on the tower that first opened in 1971. inside crews used jack hammers and blow torches to get ready for it. 450 pounds of ex-lows i was will be used to make the building lean and then collapse on itself. >> we expect it's about a 10 to 12-second event. and it will be go from a 13-story had tower to about a 30-foot high power of debris. >> for those wanting to watch, down the hill is the safest and best vantage point. all streets will be shut down heading up to campus. >> this is an icon in the region, and to see it come down i think is going to be fantastic. but safety i
in right now and 60, and it will be sunny by noon and 74 with dry air keeping us cloudy and 84 and storms will be to the north. leyla gulen? >> we had an accident in san jose but that is being pushed over to the shoulder. it is causing enough traffic northbound 101 before you get to the nimitz. as we look at this drive down 80 as you make the commute -- no, across the bay bridge to san francisco it is clear. we are seeing a buildup of traffic at ten minutes from emeryville to san francisco and looking at our drive time traffic 580 looking good, and antioch to concord is half an hour. from san rafael to san francisco is 17 minutes and mass transit is all on time. muni is going to be running extra service for the game today at at&t park. >> we are following breaking news from mexico with an earthquake in mexico city and the 6.1 earthquake hit after 5:40 pacific time a little more than 20 minutes ago. it was centered four hours away from mexico city. no word on injuries or damage. stay with abc7 news and we will bring you updates with breaking news updates on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. now, out
us. >> we start the morning with the bart strike averted. the governor brown stepped into the dispute making sure the trains are running this morning. we have abc7 news reporter cornell bernard in oakland. >> union members are not happy. many riders are happy. bart trains are rolling this morning and another week after the governor stepped in last night to temporarily block a strike hours before the midnight deadline. that move came as the request of bart management after contract talks stalled last night without an agreement. the governor told both sides in a let are he was stepping in because a strike would disrupt transportation and endanger public safety. union members are angry, and slamming bart management for posturing and refusing to bargain in good faith. bart says it had no other choice. >> our wage offer is going up and up and we have been working with them on the pentagons and -- on the pensions to make a deal. >> the employer has bargained without good faith and created the first extreme and creating the second strike potential. >> the governor appoint add three member bo
about his son who remains behind bars. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> first, a check on the weather forecast. sunny? >> yes, many areas including the coast and warmer weather. visibility is six miles in santa rosa and eight at half moon bay and everyone else is fine. do not see any results of drizzle near the reporting stations. for the bay the next 12 hours show more sunshine than this time yesterday. 58 degrees. it will be sunny by noon and 68. temperatures are close to normal at 76 in the afternoon hours. cooling back to 64 in the evening so you need a coat. inland we have clouds up north at 58. 78 by noon. this is the warm of the area at near 90 at 4:00. still holding on to 80 at 7:00. the coast will see more sunshine and warmer weather today, and you will peak in the low-to-mid 60's between 2:00 and 4:00. leyla gulen? >> hope everyone brought their appetite for the traffic report we have video shot of the report of an accident i told you about this morning involving an overturned tomato truck. it is slippery. they are scooping up tomatoes. it was a big mess. that
nicco and live doppler 7 hd will tell us where the areas where the fire risk is the highest. >>> later today, san mateo officials will release their findings of the deadly limousine fire on the san mateo bridge, but this morning, abc 7 news has exclusive details of what the investigators will reveal. >>> and transit employees reject a contract offer. now this morning commuters are wondering if workers will hit the picket line. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. we begin with the fire danger in the bay area and across northern california. right now, a red flag warning is in effect. amy hollyfield joins us from the fire station in sunol with the precautions fire crews are taking. amy? >> reporter: ama, they are gearing up at cal stations like this one because of the dry conditions. but also because of the threat of dry lightning. they have noticed the dry conditions here in the bay area, but they are really paying close attention to the predictions of the dry lightning. they have even called in firefighters from other parts o
and breezy and 70 and dropping become to jacket needing 64 by 7:00. most of us are in the 50's and the north bay, and sunny and 76 at noon and this afternoon, less comfortable than yesterday with mid-60's and we will back in the mid-to-upper 70's by 7:00 and clouds dominate the court more so than the last couple of days with a cool brisk day this afternoon with highs toking out in the low-to-mid 60's. the traffic is very busy. >> in good news. at 6:00, we are starting off with several accidents. one of them is on the bay bridge, westbound 80 at the incline, is still blocking one lane, eight miles per hour is the top speed making the drive to the high-rise. when you pass treasure island you are looking at clear conditions and top speeds into san francisco. as we head over to the san mateo bridge, westbound at the high-rise, we have this, a stalled big rig that is going to be towed away hopefully in the next 10 or 15 minutes. it lost a tire can that was causing vehicles, and it was in a bad spot causing vehicles to run into it so enough slowing to make an time on the commute. >> it could be de
here near us. i spoke with the grandmother of the victim. he and his one-year-old son were shot and killed inside their bedroom. she says part of her is gone this morning. they were going back home to fresno today and unfortunately that will never happen. the shooting happened at 2:35. people shot from the back of the house and they accessed behind the home and shot into the home. the 20-year-old man, andrew thomas, and his one-year-old baby, drew, are dead. police have no leads. they have no suspect information. they are canvassing the neighborhood at 98th avenue. they have many blocks, blocked off but they have no one in custody. they do not know if they were shooter or shooters who acted together but they are looking for information. reminder, updates on that story and other breaking news on twit ter. and now, mike nicco is check out a moist morning. >> it is moist. we usually get drizzle this time of the year but it is thick and more wide-spread this morning. live doppler 7 hd is showing it is future rain but it is mist and drizzle, so it is light and enough that some of us
shortly after midnight from a man saying he was going to hurt himself. officers found him on 12th by using cell phone towers. the man was holding a knife to his chest. a crisis intervention officer talked to him for four hours before the man was taken into custody and he will be brought to a hospital for a 72-hour psychiatric hold. police say he did not threaten officers. >> developing news, a wildfire continues to rage near yosemite national park 144,000 acres burning since the fire began last week. right now it is only 7 percent contained and the fire has destroyed at least two dozen buildings and now berkeley family camp has been destroyed. this is video from the camp showing the camp destroyed by the flames and the family camp existed for more than 90 years. fire crews say flames got in the top of of the camp making it possible to stop. here is the camp on friday before the fire southwest through. guests evacuated before the fire hit and investigators say flammable materials helped feed the fire including tents. >> the fire now has burned 144,000 acres larger than the city of chicago.
and clouds open up and bring us low-to-mid 60's in the afternoon. enjoy. >> we have two major bus lines that travel up-and-down van ness that are going to be delayed. 47 and 49 because of an emergency vehicle blocking the intersection at van ness. expect delays. the rest of mass transit is fine. at the bay bridge we can see the bay bridge toll plaza the lights are on and the traffic is stacking up. we have a report of an accident before you get to treasure island in the westbound direction blocking a lane causing a little bit of a slow down. >> developing news from the east bay, a teen is dead and two others are injured following a car crash in dan villas students at local hives are ready to begin a new school year and we are joined at the scene by kira klapper. >> it will be a difficult morning as classmates return to school. look at the crash seen: this is where the car shammed into a tree and through the fence in danville. the video shows the teens in a car going north and a passenger died at the hospital. the driver and the other passenger are in the hospital this morning. one is tr
in san jose to show us the backpacks behind you. matt? >> the backpacks are set up here and they are separated by age and gender and you can see these are the kindergarten ones and they are separated here from the girls and the boys with popular characters like mini mouse and hello kit difficult and super heroes. community service is filling the backpacks with age-appropriate supplies. younger kids get crayons and markers and older kids get a memory stick. there is a slight drop in test scores with achievement drop that starts young can impact their lives. >> what that has translated to is a low graduation rate. it just underscores the reason why we want everyone first of all to come together and make sure the kids start the year right and stay involved. >> families participating today had to sign up in july and this video of those waiting to line to get on the list and to make an appointment for the day and this is the biggest year ever with 2,462 backpacks given away. clients are getting jobs but often underemployed. families get backpacks and other necessities such as
.com and twitter at abc7newsbayarea. join us at an earlier time tomorrow morning for updates on your back to work commute. abc7 news anchors, along with the traffic reporter will be on a half-hour earlier than usual at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow on the abc7 morning news. >>> in developing news, two people are dead this morning following a car crash in san jose. it happened just after midnight in the area of chenoweth and snell avenues. authorities say a car with five people inside crashed into a tree. one person was tossed out and died at the scene. three others were taken to the hospital. they are in critical condition this morning. authorities say everyone was between 17 and 19 years old. they believe speed was likely a factor in the collision and are also investigating whether alcohol may have played a role. >>> today authorities hope to reunite a san diego father with his 16-year-old daughter who was kidnapped a week ago. hannah anderson was found safe in idaho yesterday after 40-year-old james dimaggio accused of murdering her mother and brother, was killed by an fbi agent. abc news reporter chuck s
cover creating the flight arrival delays in sfo so use flight tracker at the bottom of each page. also, we have a game at at&t park, the pirates and the giants with first pitch at 59 or 60 degrees dropping down to 58 by the end of the game. now a check of traffic. five vehicles are involved and a motorcycle is down and the motorcycle is fairly destroyed. a substantial backup now in the oakland area as you travel westbound toward the macarthur maze it is before the actual maze and that is funneling traffic lightly into the bay bridge at this point. the mass transit shows everyone on time and getting off to a great start on this friday morning, a agree way to go and the san mateo bridge has reports of an accident westbound beyond the toll plaza flowing nicely on the way to foster city. >> ahead, silicon valley tech giants see trading interrupted on wall street and what is being done to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> world war ii veteran attacked and left for dead and police reveal who they think is responsible and a clue could lead to a break in the case. >> katie couric extending
and half mile in santa rosa and the rest of us have a low ceiling this morning, and flight arrival delays are likely. we will watch it. the next 12 hours around the bay are foggy and misty and a cooler 72 at 4:00 and the clouds return at 7:00 and 68. the day planner is foggy up north and 58 and mild and sunny and 77 by noon and 85, a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday and a pleasant evening in the low-to-mid 70's and fog at the coast and mid-50's and partly sunny, low-to-mid 60's at the beaches this afternoon. we have a stalled vehicle on the span of the golden gate bridge but everyone is moving fine from marin county to san francisco. not a bad drive out there as we take you to san jose we have a report of a crash involving a car versus a bicyclist southbound 101 at the actually road off-ramp and it is looking stop-and-go north of 280 and 680, and the golden gate bridge the metering lights are turned on and it is busy. >> we will talk more now about the the bay bridge. the eastern span is on the left side-by-side spans on right, and later tonight, caltran will close the entire bay b
gulen warned us there was a backup forming. dick? >> yes. the backup starts as soon as you hit the 238 interchange southbound on 880. that is primarily because 238 funnels a lost traffic in from castro valley and livermore and pleasanton, points east. so that traffic is merging on to 880 southbound and a lot of the people that normally are going over the san francisco and oakland bay bridge are now having to use the san mateo hayward bridge so we have this backup. traffic is moving at 20 to 35 miles per hour and i am getting ready to take the two right lanes to exit from highway 32 in the san mateo bridge. >> thank you, dick. the bay bridge toll plaza closing lasts for up to five full days. it will re-open action next tuesday morning, perhaps earlier, and we will alert our twitter followers the moment it opens. >> commuters have a variety of detours to get around the roadblock. parking lots have had plenty of spaces suggesting that the commuters took public transit or stayed home. a banker booked a hotel room in san francisco in order to marriage it to a business meeting. >> we decided
and fast track drives who approach the toll plaza from interstate 880 will be detoured to exit and use the two bus only lanes. the toll lane closures run from 9:00 p.m. on friday through 5:00 a.m. on monday morning. visit abc7news.com for a detailed look at commuter resources open bart, a.c. transit and san francisco bay ferry. you can explore abc7 news real time traffic maps to see where the worst droid -- guide lock is and check out how close the bridge is to opening and when it opens we will notify our twitter followers at abc7 news bay area. >> business executives are calling on the governor to step in to help bart and the unions roach a contract deal. the coalition of businesses urged brown to con season a bargaining session. the group says they enwhatted the meeting to happen before the cooling-off period ends in october. negotiations are on a break. the prospect of another bart strike they say will cripple the arteries of traffic and impact businesses. it is unlikely the governor will be involved. san diego mayor filner could face more pressure to resign. the democratic national
wants the job gulf time in the bay area's largest city. >> 6:00, thanks for joining us on thursday. mist and drizzle. mist and drizzle. mike will have the forecast. >> moist morning. look for the visibility and the thickest drizzle is along half moon bay at 1.5 miles visibility. you had .303" for the most drizzle to be found. it could be measurable in other areas but it is enough to make the streets slick this morning. if you are not careful, you may have a little bit of a spin intermediate if you gun it too hard. now, the bay day planner the next 12 hours drizzle through 7:00 and 58 and clouds and 63 by noon, and well see sunshine quicker around the bay and we will top out at 68 at 4:00. inland, we have drizzle and 57, and clouds are mostly in the north by at noon at 67 and by 4:00, 75. clouds along the coast and upper 50's. leyla gulen? >> we have a gas location in burlingame and i understand there is quite a bit of construction in the downtown area. pg&e is on the scene at burlingame avenue and we have a possibly gas leak so they are going to work on that and we will see detours in th
, with sentencing for ariel castro in minutes. >> thanks for joining us. >> it is looking different this morning. >> the extra sunshine from yesterday spilled over the clearness overnight with clouds just now coming back. why think they will hang around along. it is dry this morning. no drizzle. no mist. our day planner around the bay, clouds are gathering and temperatures are holding in the low-to-mid 50's. we will be in the low to mid-60's by noon and cleaner air today with blue in the sky rather than the haze and 70. low-to-mid 60's in the evening. next it will hours inland, temperatures are 56 but there are areas in the north bay in the 40's with temperature around 70 at noon and we will be below average and near 80 in the afternoon and low-to-mid 50's with the better chance of seeing cloud cover today than yesterday at the coast. the morning commute, is it cloudy? sunny? >> partly cloudy. good morning, everyone, we are looking at your drive in the north bay where it is clear out there, so sunny on the roads. if you are traveling between richmond to san rafael along the bridge, you are at to
. a is next for commuters? >> 6 a.m. on tuesday. >> thank you for joining us. weapon will the gray skies turn blue? >> what is next if the commuters weather wise in drizzle. that will lock in the cloud cover again longer and keep the temperatures below average. we do not have wide-spread rain. we have not heard of slick streets but the possibility that the drizzle may have an effect on the commute. the bay, the next 12 hours, drizzle and mid-50's. by noon, partly cloudy and 62 and the sunshine will be chilled and only 6 at 4:00, and the clouds return by 7:00 and low 60's. next 12 hours inland, cloudy and least likely area to have drizzle is 55 and sunny by noon. warmest temperature barely gets to 80. we will be back in the upper 60's by 7:00. clouds will dominate the coast. the big-rig driver is hauling lumber across the bay bridge and trying to get it off the bridge. it now is stalled near the fremont exit. we are hooking at heavy backup beyond the s-curve to the tunnel and that is where we had the stall originally blocking a lane. now it is further to the west so helpfully they can get that
are lighting up and we may have sunshine in the forecast and mike is here to tell us about it. >> yes, some sunshine and warmer weather on the way but the last two hours we have been tracking the late arriving clouds and five miles visibility at half moon bay and not a lot of drizzle and everyone else is doing okay so there is no drizzle out there around the bay and inland. we have clouds an the bay and the day planner 9 next 12 hours mid-to-upper 60's through 7:00, and we will be 70 at 4:00, with clouds at 7:00. the next 12 hours inland we have fog in the northbound bay and mid-50's and sunny by noon and low 70's and happening out in the low-to-mid 80's and warmer and a pleasant evening. at the coast we have drizzle in a few spots with clouds opening by noon and in the upper 50's and partly cloudy conditions at 4:00 and 62 degrees. that is the forecast now. matt? >> thank you, mine, breaking news, firefighters are battling a four alarm fire, happening right now at popular and willow, the building is a house and the fire department is tweeting they are king about propane tanks. we will have
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